Do you want to make your meetings productive and seamless using video conferencing with excellent presenter control, information sharing of any format, hear every word clearly during crucial business meetings, watching videos without any interruption and control your lights/AC/curtains?

OPERANT’s Audio Visual Engineering Team is capable to deliver everything to your satisfaction and exceptional experience. We offer Audio Visual System Integration services with the best design, highly professional installation and extra ordinary support.

OPERANT is an experienced and professional Audio-Visual Engineering partner for turnkey projects.

OPERANT provides Audio Visual Solutions to enterprise/ government organisations for all their multifunctional areas like

  • Board Rooms, Conference Rooms, Meeting Rooms, Huddle Spaces
  • Reception Lounges
  • Experience Centres
  • Smart Learning for Class Rooms and Training Rooms
  • Command and Control Centres
  • Auditoriums, Theatres, Banquet Halls and Stadiums
  • Virtual Reality
  • Background Music
  • Tele-Medicine Solution
  • Digital Signages for branding/information
  • Public Address (PA) Systems
  • Cafeterias
  • Video Wall to create memorable experiences

OPERANT provides Audio Visual Solutions of any kind to various organizations like Corporate, Retail, Commercial, Hospitality, Educational Institutes and Residential facilities.


"PTZ Camera: A PTZ camera uses motors to physically adjust the camera's aim and zoom ePTZ Camera: It does not move physically while it just enlarge the image to perfoming zoom action"

"Digital Signal Processing (DSP) is used in audio-visual solutions for various reasons, including: Audio Signal Processing: DSP can be used to manipulate audio signals by modifying parameters such as frequency, amplitude, and phase. This allows for the enhancement of audio quality, noise reduction, and the creation of various effects. Video Signal Processing: DSP can also be used for video signal processing to enhance the quality of video output. It can perform functions such as scaling, color correction, and image stabilization. Real-Time Processing: DSP can process signals in real-time, making it useful in applications where real-time processing is required, such as in live sound reinforcement, conferencing systems, and video streaming. Cost-Effective: DSP allows for the implementation of complex processing functions using cost-effective digital signal processing chips, which are typically cheaper than analog circuits. Digital Signal Processor takes a sound from outside world through a receiver and then converted to a digital signal (0s and 1s). The DSP can save this complex code to memory and can manipulate and then converted back to analog signal for use. Without DSP sound can only go so far but won't be clear that means without DSP system can not provide the quality, resolution and adjustability."

"No, we don't recommend voice tracking camera. Reason 1: Due to small space camera does not act in proper manner Reason 2: Due to delay in voice tracking it looks inappropriate at far end Reason 3: If some person/office boy from outside the room will come and spaeak then camera will capture that person for a moment and again it won't look good at far end"