Customer satisfaction and Loyalty are the most important factors for any business or department which can only be achieved by Top-of-the-Line Communications by Phones and Other Channels, Using Cutting-edge Technology, Tracking Performance/Data and Tech-savvy IT Personnel/ Customer-friendly Agents.

OPERANT offers the Contact Center solution that allows users to manage the multiple channels, teams and processes required to provide customers with an engaging experience. Typically, it connects channels like Web Chat, Web Collaboration, Email, Voice, Whatsapp and Social Media etc. into a single consolidated platform proving features like:

  • Fully blended support for voice, email, web chat, fax and SMS contact types with the ability to route contacts to the best skilled agents or other destination (voicemail, IVR, etc.)
  • Agents can handle multiple simultaneous contacts – voice call, email, web chat, fax and SMS
  • Supports multichannel agents across multiple locations
  • Granular and customizable real-time and historical reporting for voice and multichannel.
  • Report Customization
  • Built-in Graphical Orchestration Designer tool
  • Preview, progressive and predictive outbound dialling with integrated campaigns manager, including web services controls
  • Recording all or selective calls with advance search features
  • Agent desktop screen captures, live monitoring, quality management, agent coaching, e-learning, workforce management and more
  • Enables Remote Agents for optimal resource allocation, regardless of location
  • Define and prioritize customers based on your business strategies and objectives

OPERANT provides Integration of the Contact Center with CRM tools (Customer Relationship Management) and Databases. Entire contact details of the customers and their interaction sessions with different agents can be found at one place. The combination can manage not just sales and marketing but also deliver excellent post-sales customer service or technical support to allow customers derive the most from their existing business and acquire new customers.

Based on the long and practical experience, OPERANT offers  Contact Center Solutions specifically designed and customised for various segments like Hospitality, Logistics, Real estate, Manufacturing, Legal, Infrastructure, Automobile, Retail, IT, BPOs, KPOs, Education, Healthcare, Defence, Government etc.

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However, it depends on the nature of the call center and how much you are willing to deploy. If it’s a small call center with less than 10 agents, you can certainly choose a cloud contact center, which can reduce your one-time investment and allow you to start with a low budget. whereas if you are a big organization with multiple shifts and a high number of agents, your data and information are very sensitive, an on-premises solution is always a good choice. You will undoubtedly require hard and virtual servers setup if you have made an investment in expanding. To summarize, physical servers are required for on-premises solutions, whereas cloud setup requires only agent-side accessories. 

It’s totally taste and flavour sentiment based choice , but on technical ground we can distinguish on basis of setup of a contat centre like if you are startup with very less budget planning for a test run for short time period your choice would be cloud based contact centre as all cloud contact centre charges on basis of Monthly recurring so you have freedom to discontinue services at any point of time. On the other hand, if you are a well-structured organization and your contact center is a critical part of your business, On-Prime/In-Primises Solutions are always a good choice because they give you the freedom of safety, stability, security, and larger records. 

It is a very tricky answer to give as it depends on the codec that you are using in your setup. On the basis of the standard codec G711 U Law, you need a minimum of 1 call at 100 kbps upload or download, but if you are using a speech codec or a mix of voice and video codecs, you need to increase your bandwidth allocation per call.