Effective communication is always a key to become successful for any organization. It does not only impact on building relationships but also helps an organization to achieve its goals.

Telephonic communication plays a significant role in any business organization. It always gives a personal touch, more clarity and a positive impression in short period of time.

OPERANT provides the right choice for telephony solutions with easily matching the goals and budget for every organization whether it’s established or just a start up, have small no. of employees or large, operating their business at single location or multiple.

OPERANT’s solutions work on individual user productivity with the consideration of their different needs as per their job role whether it’s your CXO, Receptionist, Sales or Service Representatives, Home Worker, on- the- go knowledge worker or any other staff of the organization and also allowing them with the solution to communicate on the device of their own choice, it can be their laptop, mobile phone, office phone or home phone with wired, wireless or broadband connections. Some of the solutions are:

  • Enterprise Solutions for Voice Communication & Collaboration
  • Unified Communication Platform with High Availability
  • Unified Communications Solutions and Collaboration
  • Applications like– Call Accounting, Call Budgeting, Trunk Monitoring
  • Recording with search options
  • Voice Mail, Auto Attendant and IVRS
  • Audio-Video Conference and Conference Bridge
  • Nurse Calling Systems
  • SIP based Public Address Systems
  • Online Learning Solutions
  • Tele-Medicine Solution
  • CRM/Database Integration

OPERANT also offers  business telephony solutions specifically designed and customised for various segments like Hospitality, Real estate, Manufacturing, Legal, Infrastructure, Automobile, Retail, IT, BPOs, KPOs, Education, Healthcare, Defence, Government etc.

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There are various types of EPABX system available with different features according to the requirement. The common type of EPABX includes- Analog EPABX- These type of systems uses traditional analog technology to connect the phones. IP EPABX- These type of systems can make and receive call over the internet via desk phones. Virtual EPABX- These systems uses cloud based technology to connect the phones to the exchange. "

"Analog phones work on the traditional analog technology to transmit audio signals only. These phones have limited features and are less expensive as compared to other categories. Digital Phones uses digital technology to transmit signals. They are capable of transferring data as well and are rich in features. They are widely used in offices, manufacturing units etc. IP Phones are widely used now a days with the advancement in the technology. These transmit voice and data over the internet. These phones offers high voice quality, rich features, and supports audio and video conferencing. "

"The consideration for cloud based and on premise based EPABX depends on the nature of every business. On premise EPABX offers you the ownership of the entire setup once installed in your premises. It gives you full freedom to manage your network as per your requirement. It enables more control on the security aspects and reduces the trunking cost. On the other hand cloud based EPABX have some limitations as the control is in the hands of the service provider and the system will be off-site. A cloud-based hosted phone system is up to the service provider to manage the system, which would be only beneficial for small businesses and start-ups lacking in technical expertise or resources. "